Improve Customer Experience on your websiteDo you still remember the time when businesses had to rely on thick brochures and other traditional tools to give customers the information they need? It’s a good thing that you can now skip the part where you have to keep your fingers crossed; hoping that at least a few of the customers who grab your brochure will not end up throwing it straight into the bin. Now that you have a website that can do everything (and more) of what a brochure can do for you, might as well maximize its use and do everything you can to stop that customer from leaving your page without eliciting a positive response.

Keep Contact Information Visible

It doesn’t matter if you place it on every single page of your website. Make sure you display, or at least have a direct link to, all your contact information to save potential customers the trouble of having to find it in case they just have a little amount of time to view your site. Readily available contact information will allow your customers to just dial the phone or send you an email the moment they have a question or find anything confusing.

Make Navigation Easy

Don’t waste every visitor’s time by allowing them to go around in circles just to find the information that they need. Figure out which pages would matter the most to your audience and make this accessible everywhere they go. Even if you’re hoping to go for a unique template or design, make sure you do not sacrifice the ease of navigation. Make the hierarchy of your site logical and have important tabs and links readable and easily noticed.  Uprising SEO

Make Checkout Easy

If you allow customers to purchase products and services on your website, the last thing you want to happen is to have them leave just when they’re seconds away from concluding a transaction. This commonly happens to websites that make checkout complicated and time-consuming. Make sure that purchases can be made in just a few clicks.

Have an FAQ Page

For some reason, this is one page that a lot of websites lack. No matter how easy it is to navigate through your website, there will always be customers that want most of the information they need in a single page. Find out what products or services your customers are always inquiring about and have a brief answer for each of them. In case they want to find out more, provide a link to the corresponding page so that the customer won’t have to look for it on their own.

Site Improvement Based on Customer Behavior

Different webmaster tools can tell you which web pages your customers spend the most time on, and which ones will almost always lead them to leave your website. This is the kind of information that you need to make improvements on your website. Remember that this is not about you, your board of directors, or your CEO. This website is made for your customers, and they should be the ones dictating what has to be placed on your website and what needs to be thrown out.  Http://houston.uprisingseo.com/web-design

Chris Lapham

Chris Lapham

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