SEO has gone a long way since it first emerged, and content creators finally have a better understanding of how to apply different approaches the right way. In the old days, there were times when a little too much focus was placed on where keywords were placed and how many of them there should be. Today we see a better balance between SEO and quality content. This involves creating content not for SEO’s sake, but for the sake of the potential readers.
Now that techniques have been improved endlessly as social trends change, it’s time to find out more about the SEO trends for 2015 that could have a great impact not only in leading visitors directly to your pages, but also in making them stay and commit their loyalty to your business or brand.

Search Engine Optimization Becomes More Technical As Content Marketing Focuses On Search Rankings

This year, more distinction will be placed between SEO and content marketing. SEO will basically focus on the technical aspects of the game, as it deals with meta tags, keyword research, and other related factors. Content marketing, on the other hand, will focus more on delivering what the target audience wants and what drives them to click on certain links instead of others, greatly affecting search rankings.

Mobile SEO Will Find Greater Strength

Now that SEO has been proven to be a driving force in certain webpages’ visibility and reach, it is only fitting for it to evolve exactly how the consumers evolve as well. With today’s mobile world, mobile SEO is quickly taking over mobile content as well, controlling the way that people on the go find what they are searching for. This means that webpages should not only make their format mobile-friendly; they should also make their content SEO-friendly as well.

Implied Links Will Be Just As Powerful As Express Links

Express links are what you often see in the middle of content, where you can simply click on a word or a group of words and be led to a specific website. Implied links however, is exactly that: it is implied. There is no need for links, as the mere mention of a brand or a product name could immediately set a chain of events, with the user searching for the name on their own. Where does SEO fit into all this? Well, it’s actually SEO practice that set off the need for link building in the old days, which eventually led to the abuse of these links. Today, the practice is minimized as more people find whatever is implied to them on their own.

There Will Be A Bigger Threat From Negative SEO

Although SEO is indeed a powerful tool to make great things happen, it can also be a weapon that can be used negatively. Because there is more understanding on how SEO works, there is a big possibility that some businesses may use internet marketing tricks that have been proven to be abusive to make their competition’s rankings plummet. For example, putting a bunch of spam together that links towards a competitor’s page will definitely affect their rating.
Negative or positive the effects may be, there is no doubt that the entire SEO journey has taken on a very interesting path. And these SEO trends for 2015 can prepare you for more exciting things to come.

Chris Lapham

Chris Lapham

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