how-blogging-increases-traffic-and-leads-resized-600For years companies have been blogging on their website or on third party blog sites like,, or etc., but there are some key things that many of these companies leave out that could greatly increase their effectivness.

First off, many companies fail to realize that when they blog it should not be a pure pitchfest. Time and time again I come across businesses that have nothing on their blog but shameless self promotions about themselves or current specials they might have going on at the moment. While that is all great and the purpose of a blog is to help drive traffic and educate your followers, people don’t want to constantly hear exclusively about your deals. Pretty soon they will cease to follow you our unsubscribe to your mailing list. A good idea is to provide helpful informative blog post with links to industry leaders or break up the monotony with fun posts about the dinner ever one took off early last Thursday to attend, or about a community project your company might be involved with. These kinds of post help potential clients relate to you and give them a better insight into the kind of company you actually are.

Secondly, a lot of companies have one or two dedicated employees that already have a full plate that are assigned to post on the blog once a month, or once a week, but because that is only one of the many things on their plate they never get around to doing it. To solve this there are several things that you may want to look into so that you can keep posting to your website frequently! Share the responsibility around the office. Do you have 5 senior members on the staff? Have them take turns writing a post each week, so they only have to be responsible for 1 post a month. There are also professional blog writers that can keep you stocked with a steady stream of articles that you buy from them, or even services that will provide them for you. Keeping the information is very important so that you are continually touch your potential clients. Studies show you need to touch someone an average of 7 times be fore they buy from you online.

Third, I see alot of businesses that rush through creating their blog and never spruce it up with an image or video. Having these factors included in your blog with help break up the articles and liven up your blog page. nobody wants to read through black and white print book, when they can read a picture one. One thing I like to do is add infographics. They are colorful fun and help retain people’s attention.

Fourth, and this is a big one, I see people never linking back to pages within their site from their post. From an SEO stand point this can help tremendously with helping to rank your site and pass what we like to refer to as “link juice”. This is also a great idea to do from a usability standpoint, as you can hot link someone to the section of your blog that talks about a particular service or industry you help, with out them having to spend time digging around to find the information themselves cause let’s face it, they won’t!

Lastly, and another huge thing I hardly see anybody doing is syndicating out their blog post to their social media profiles. Having a blog is great but if no one ever visits it, Is it really doing you any good? We all know that it can be much easier to garner a following on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, so put those audiences to good use. There are also eseveral tools that can help you setup an auto syndication network so that you only have to post once on your blog and it will automaticly syndicat everything out to your other properties. One such tool I use and that works great is SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster). It’s a little pricey at $97 but will save you loads of time. Another good one to use that’s free, which we all like, is (If That Then This).

So I hope you can take some of these ideas and take your company blog to the next level and make it work harder and more efficient for you. If you can start tying all these things together you’ll see plenty more benefits and more leads coming in not just from your audience, but also from the SEO benefits it will provide.  As always if you need help setting up any of these systems we will be glad to talk with you and help you get on the right track!

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